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    Honeymoon Yacht Charters

    Honeymoon Private Yacht Charters are Pure Romance Stay on your private yacht and soak up all the togetherness time you want while island hopping from one idyllic area to the next. To help you visualize the options, here are just a few ways to spend your first few days as a married couple together: Paddleboarding over the colorful reef fish and coral outcrops in the cove Snorkeling with sea turtles or rays Rendezvous Diving famous wrecks of the Caribbean together, even hand in hand. Beachcombing in search of treasured mementos of your honeymoon Dining at the most exclusive restaurants and indulging in fresh seafood and flavors. Picture this: You and…

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    Blackbeard of Norman Island

      The Pirates of the British Virgin Islands, Blackbeard of Norman Island, is a popular legend in the British Virgin Islands that tells the story of pirates who allegedly buried treasure on the island during the early 18th century. Norman Island is a small, uninhabited island located at the southern end of the British Virgin Islands. The island is said to have been a popular spot for pirates to anchor their ships and hide their treasure. According to legend, a group of pirates led by Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard, buried a treasure on Norman Island sometime in the early 1700s. He was known for his fearsome appearance and…

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    Packing the Perfect Picnic Beach Basket

    As summer approaches, many people are making plans for beach picnics. One of the best places to have a beach picnic is at 30A, a stretch of beach in Florida’s panhandle known for its crystal-clear waters, sugary white sand, and breathtaking views. Planning a beach picnic at 30A is not as daunting as it may seem, and there are several ways to ensure that your day at the beach is fun. This article will explore the best ways to plan a beach picnic in 30A, what to include in your picnic basket, and some tips to make your beach day more enjoyable.   Choosing the Right Spot  The first step in…

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    Crewed Charters for First Timers

    Sailing the Caribbean is a dream come true for travelers seeking the ultimate tropical getaway. One of the best ways to explore the Caribbean is by taking a crewed charter, where you can sit back and relax while a professional captain and crew take care of everything. In this article, we will look closer at the experience of a first-time Caribbean crewed charter from St. Thomas to the British Virgin Islands, with four highlight stops along the way.  Setting Sail from St. Thomas The journey begins in St. Thomas, a bustling United States Virgin Islands island. The couple hired a crewed charter on a 48ft DuFour sailboat, which provided a…

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    Anegada Beach Club

    Sailing to the Anegada Beach Club in the BVI Anegada Beach Club, in the BVI,  is a resort located on the island of Anegada in the British Virgin Islands. Anegada is the northernmost of the British Virgin Islands, known for its miles of pristine white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. The Anegada Beach Club is situated on the island’s western shore and offers a range of accommodations, including beachfront suites, garden view rooms, and private villas. The resort also features a restaurant, bar, swimming pool, and spa. Sailing to Anegada Beach Club is a popular activity among visitors to the British Virgin Islands. Anegada is located approximately 15 miles north…

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    Aquanimity Announces New Management for 2023

    Aquanimity Yacht Charters, formerly with I Yacht Club, announced its plans for 2023 by boldly shifting to a more diverse and well-known charter management company, AndBeyond Yacht Charters, based out of the USVI, especially as sailing vacations continue to gain popularity in the new year. “Our customers come from around the globe to travel the Caribbean,” shared Tim Uzar, owner of SV Aquanimity. “Guests choosing chartered crewed sailing vacations continue to gain popularity as a different way of experiencing the Caribbean.” Aquanimity’s crew wants to take their experience of sailing and turn it into customizable experiences using their knowledge of the Caribbean with all-inclusive packages. For more information, visit aquanimityyachtcharters.com https://lifebloggers.medium.com/svaquanimity-unveils-new-plans-for-2023-816471101284  

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    Aquanimity Sails Year Round From the Caribbean

    We have news! Aquanimity is now with AndBeyond Yacht Charters -- Sailing year round from the Caribbean with an Excellent Crew Aboard The owners of Aquanimity unveiled today the new details about what guests can expect when they board the boat in the Virgin Islands. Aquanimity has joined the fleet of AndBeyond, with its base in St. Thomas, USVI. Aquanimity is approved for BVI guest charters and will take guests starting January 2023 to Anegada, Jost Van Dyke, Virgin Gorda, and more.   AndBeyond Yacht Charters firmly believes that a victorious business is built on great relationships. Our core values keep us aligned and concentrated on the decisions we make and…

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    Chartering in St. John Island | USVI Destination

    The Virgin Islands: St. John Island Imagine you found paradise…   St. John Island is perhaps one of the best-known islands within the US Virgin Islands, and it’s by far my favorite one!  St. John Island is perhaps one of the best-known islands within the US Virgin Islands, and it’s my favorite one! Besides its incredible beaches, the most extraordinary characteristic of St. John is its stunning views of the Caribbean Sea. The Virgin Islands, in general, is mountainous, with many vacation rentals and business establishments perched up on sprawling hills with beautiful sea views out your window, especially on North Shore Road. That is the road along the north side…