Honeymoon Yacht Charters

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Honeymoon Private Yacht Charters are Pure Romance

Stay on your private yacht and soak up all the togetherness time you want while island hopping from one idyllic area to the next.

To help you visualize the options, here are just a few ways to spend your first few days as a married couple together:

  • Paddleboarding over the colorful reef fish and coral outcrops in the cove
  • Snorkeling with sea turtles or rays
  • Rendezvous Diving famous wrecks of the Caribbean together, even hand in hand.
  • Beachcombing in search of treasured mementos of your honeymoon
  • Dining at the most exclusive restaurants and indulging in fresh seafood and flavors.

Picture this: You and your beloved, surrounded by crystal-clear turquoise waters, gentle sea breezes, and pristine white-sand beaches. Your private yacht charter in the Virgin Islands awaits, promising an enchanting honeymoon.

Indulge in the sheer luxury of a fully crewed yacht, where every desire is catered to with unparalleled elegance. Sunbathe on the deck, sip champagne in your private jacuzzi, and savor gourmet cuisine prepared by your onboard chef.

As you sail through the tranquil waters of the Virgin Islands, each day brings a new adventure: snorkeling in vibrant coral reefs, exploring hidden coves, or simply basking in the serenity of your private paradise.

Seize this opportunity to celebrate your love in a truly extraordinary way. Book your honeymoon charter in the Virgin Islands today and let this tropical paradise's magic ignite your journey's passion together.


Charters allow an escape from the work corporation, the noise, and the people of our day-to-day lives. Yacht charters create the perfect peaceful environment that everyone hopes for through privacy. You will feel delightfully “away from it all” and out on the open ocean. Your catamaran charter can also reach exclusive destinations that are difficult or impossible to get to otherwise on a cruise ship. Escape the tourist traps and instead find yourself exploring the true nature and culture of the islands. Immerse yourself in the hidden gems that can only be discovered with a charter: tiny villages, undiscovered beaches, and awe-inspiring hiking trails.

It is hard to beat a honeymoon escape on a fully crewed charter yacht for the perfect blend of freedom and privacy. Whether on your honeymoon or just looking for a romantic getaway, a sailing vacation can be the perfect way for a more active couple to spend time together far from the madding crowd. The Virgin Islands offers the idyllic setting to do this—a new paradise island destination each day, with secluded anchorages and pristine beaches.

A yacht charter elopement or honeymoon in the BVI offers variety and something for everyone. From exciting watersports and lively bars. Short distance sails, where land is never out of sight, or further reaches to Jost Van Dyke and Anegada. Anchorages where the only boat is yours for a relaxing and stress-free experience. Enjoy a fabulous Lobster Dinner on the beach while watching the sun go down. Relax and unwind with a 'Sundowner' in the cockpit of your private yacht.

The Aquanimity is calling your names! Grab the paddle boards and head for that secluded piece of beach that could be yours. When booking your particular time away, you'll want to tell us, or your broker, about the type of things you like to do, what kinds of places you want to visit, and the cuisines you prefer. You will be spending the first week of your married life with this crew, so because you'll have a lot of interaction with them, their personalities and service orientation must suit your expectations. That's why we prefer you to get to know your crew before the honeymoon, and you'll be able to speak with them directly about your special week.

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