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The Virgin Islands: St. John Island

kid standing at the top of the world windmill bar st john island USVI chartering

Imagine you found paradise…

  St. John Island is perhaps one of the best-known islands within the US Virgin Islands, and it’s by far my favorite one!  St. John Island is perhaps one of the best-known islands within the US Virgin Islands, and it’s my favorite one! Besides its incredible beaches, the most extraordinary characteristic of St. John is its stunning views of the Caribbean Sea. The Virgin Islands, in general, is mountainous, with many vacation rentals and business establishments perched up on sprawling hills with beautiful sea views out your window, especially on North Shore Road. That is the road along the north side of the island where St. John’s most idyllic beaches are, and the best way to enjoy this road is to take it slow. It’s not like you have much choice anyway – speed limits on the island tend to be 20-25 mph.  Be sure to stop at The Windmill Bar and take in the glorious island view from high up to the mountainside.   The beaches are the main reason why vacationers come here. They will go if you give vacationers clear, turquoise water, warm sun to bask in, and the north shore to play around.   Your time here is best spent along the north shore soaking up the rays while wading through the water of Trunk Bay or Maho. Piering out into the water, one wonders how honestly it’s so turquoise, and then you realize you’ve found a paradise among the lush green vegetation.

And the sky, Oh My! You Can See Stars At Night

You’ll have many nights to view stars twinkling in the night sky while sailing through the Virgin Islands. Grab a blanket, snuggle on the front of the trampolines, and gaze up at the night sky. Try to name the constellations because you’ll see lots! We spent many hours telling hopes and dreams under the stars.