Sailing the Virgin Islands and choosing a charter boat

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Suppose you dream of smooth sailing in the Virgin Islands, affordable travel expenses, and minimal hassles. In that case, the Virgin Islands are the ultimate destination for an exceptional winter or fall charter experience. Whether you're bound for the Spanish, British, or U.S. Virgin Islands, here are some invaluable insights for chartering in a tropical paradise conveniently close to home, where the time difference is negligible and English is the primary language.

With many charter companies vying for your attention, newcomers often find it challenging to determine the best fit for their requirements. It's all too easy to invest a day or even more meticulously researching the myriad offerings from different companies in pursuit of the most favorable deals.

Choosing Your Charter Catamaran for the Virgin Islands

One can spend endless hours searching and reading reviews; however, yacht brokers and owners have extensive knowledge about chartering in specific locations, which they can discuss with you, thus narrowing down the choices and making it easy.

Picking the Perfect Virgin Islands Location to Explore

Once you know which location you prefer, you'll need to decide on the length of time.  Charter companies offer minimum days of four or five to as many as two weeks or more, but most companies will limit the charter experience.  However, guests of Aquanimity experience the best of both worlds with no limitation on chartering dates.  Aquanimity will even accept a six-month charter, as it has in the past.

When to visit the Virgin Islands

Most people visit the Virgin Islands when it's hot cocoa weather at home. However, a shoulder or off-season Virgin Islands cruise also has many benefits. Hurricane season is technically June 1 to November 30, which, logically enough, is also the area’s low season. Typically, a six-month season will produce 11 to 14 named storms, half of which may develop into hurricanes. Some might reach Category 5 status, so timing is everything. Late August and early October can be sketchy, and September is especially risky in the Caribbean. However, a Thanksgiving cruise can be spectacular.

Provisioning for a charter boat

Provisioning in the Virgin Islands is simple but adventurous, with most islands offering small grocery stores, local produce, and fish markets.  Guests on charter don't do the provisioning unless they'd like to. If you're chartering with us or another company, you'll complete a form beforehand if you have the charter company provisioning.


And whatever you do, don’t over-plan your itinerary and plan to take each day as it comes. Sailboats are slow; winds don’t blow all the time, and rushing makes a lousy vacation—plan to be flexible and don't be in a hurry.  Enjoy the sailing.