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There’s nothing quite like a catamaran charter

Skippered Catamaran Rentals

To help any aspiring sailors out there, we slapped together a list of our top 6 habits of highly influential yacht skippers:

  1. Many of the world’s most successful yacht skippers will be incredibly self-aware. They will fully understand their strengths and weaknesses and be adept at working within their capabilities. To improve, you must first know what needs to be worked on.
  2. Before any voyage, preparation and planning are critical; a good skipper will have a firm grasp of all the variables and prepare the yacht and crew as best they can. Things to consider when planning include tools and maintenance issues, provisioning and stores, crew strengths and weaknesses, weather forecasting, and maritime matters.
  3. An excellent yacht skipper will be a great leader and a team player. Being at sea does have its challenges. Good leadership is vital to keep the crew motivated and engaged. To this end, an excellent skipper will be inspiring, keen to share their knowledge, humble, and, most importantly, listen to their crew.  With the respect of your crew, you can achieve so much more.
  4. Communication skills are critical. A highly effective yacht skipper will listen and observe the yacht and crew. They will be upbeat to get the best from their team. A yacht skipper with excellent communication skills will keep their crew informed. Shouting should be the last resort and is usually a sign that the skipper did not communicate clearly from the outset.
  5. A yacht skipper will never stop learning and should never be complacent. A sailor who thinks they know all there is to know is dangerous. Even the most experienced yacht skippers will check and double-check their passage plans. So many things with sailing have a margin of error, and a good skipper will always be cautious. Treat each passage with the respect it deserves, and be open to learning from others.
  6. Sailing is not always about sipping gin and tonic in the sunshine. The oceans can be unforgiving, and long passages will sometimes be uncomfortable. When you are cold, wet, hungry, and tired, a yacht skipper must be tenacious. In adversity, the best skippers will rise to the challenge.


What's it like to sail a Skippered Catamaran Rental?

Can't Sail? Not a problem!

A skippered catamaran charter has you covered. It’s the #1 choice for vacationers who want more time to focus on sunbathing, reading, and snorkeling and those with less expertise at the mainsail.

Why settle for just one Caribbean paradise when you could have two, three, four, or more packed into the same vacation?

Regarding catamaran charters, the BVI and the USVI regularly top the bill. They are home to hard-fought sailing regattas and glitzy yachter towns. And you can move freely on boats between the two archipelagos, which means bathing in the stunning Baths of Virgin Gorda one day and clinking rum cocktails in the old pirate haunts of Charlotte Amalie the next.

An experienced yacht skipper will respect the elements and will always make sure that safety comes first. A good skipper will not take unnecessary risks. Read more about our famous Captain Bertie.

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