Catamaran Sailing Charters
& One Amazing Price
Starting at just $18,000/wk

virgin islands yacht charters, charter the way you want

Visit the destinations you want.
Dine on restaurant-quality meals.
Sip delicious cocktails.
And create incredible memories.

  • Guests
    Up to 8 guests
  • Charter Duration
    4 nights minimum
  • Base Charter Location
    Based out of St. Thomas, Yacht Haven Grande, US Virgin Islands
    ‍(Contact us for other Caribbean base locations to sail from)
  • All-inclusive Dining Experience
    Private Chef - Includes all breakfasts, lunches, dinners and full bar

It's all about you and your group

The charter itinerary is tailor-made to order

A family holiday on a yacht in the Caribbean features endless groups of picturesque paradisiacal islands and broad stretches of crystal-clear ocean. You can find an alluringly evergreen sight with a yacht rental in the Caribbean because of its lovely temperature and gorgeous beaches, which include legendary superyacht locations like Antigua, St. Barts, or the Virgin Islands.

Yacht cruising is unparalleled in its glamor and luxury. After years spent indoors, the unlimited options for exploring the most luxurious surroundings seem even more enticing. As we break from the grip of the epidemic, a private boat charter might provide the ideal retreat from the crowds for those seeking adventure.



You'll say "Best Vacation EVER!!"

Skippered Yacht Charter

An amazing fun, vivacious crew to show you islands and keep you safe while sailing

All Dining Onboard Included

Fully stocked ship's bar (guests may request premium liquors at their expense)


Onboard Fun! Water Floats, Snorkle Gear, Kayaks Included

Aquanimity has floaties, life vests, kayaks on request, snorkel gear, SunChill & MegaChill floats, and SUP

Starlink WiFi Onboard

We have WiFi through Starlink for the crew and guests to use at their leisure


Cleaning Services Included

The crew handles housekeeping services