FAQ: Questions A Charter Guest Might Ask...

These are some questions charter guests ask, which are the common FAQ of the yacht charter world. We answered many below, but they only provide a glimpse into the common queries that charter guests ask when considering a yacht charter adventure in the Caribbean. We are here to answer and more!

Do I need a passport?

If you are a US citizen visiting the US Virgin Islands, you do not need a passport. However, you will need a passport if your itinerary includes the British Virgin Islands.

What is the currency and what about credit cards?

In both the USVI and BVI, the currency is the US dollar. ATMs are abundant in the more populated areas, but not so much in out-of-the-way paces, so plan accordingly. Credit cards are widely accepted, however, you will find a few merchants that take cash only.

If I want to snorkel, do I have to bring my gear?

No, Aquanimity has snorkeling gear for every guest (mask, fins, and snorkel). However, if you prefer to bring your gear, you are welcome to do so.

Are there private cabin showers?

Each cabin has a private ensuite bathroom with a shower, sink, and electric flush toilet. Aquanimity also has an outdoor shower on the stern to rinse off after swimming.

Do I have to bring beach or private bath towels?

No. Aquanimity's crew provides beautiful, soft towels for showering, as well as beach towels, are provided.

What kind of sunscreen should I bring?

While the SPF level of protection is up to you, in the USVI, it is against the law to use anything other than "reef-safe" sunscreen.

Is there WiFi onboard Aquanimity?

Yes, Aquanimity has WiFi powered by Starlink

Is there air conditioning in the cabins at night?

Yes, A/C throughout includes separate climate controls in each stateroom. Most guests only turn on their cabin air conditioning at night unless there is an excellent wind then guests open hatches and feel the breeze.

Can I connect to Aquanimity's music system?

Yes, you can connect to the music system via Bluetooth. The music should be stored on the device you are connecting to and not reliant on being online, as the internet connection could sometimes be a bit lacking.

Is there a washing machine and dryer on board?

No.  Please pack for fun in the sun, but if you want to do some washing, let us know, and we can plan with the crew accordingly.  Many guests like to hang their clothing over the lines after rinsing them, but again, if you'd like to wash your clothes, there are marinas to do so. 

Can we fish?

Yes. We have light fishing tackle aboard for your use.

What about dietary restrictions?

We will send you a preference form a few weeks before your charter. We will create your personalized itinerary and a menu based on your food preferences and restrictions.


The gratuity is not included in your charter fee and is typically 15-25% of the charter fee based on the level of service.

How do I book a charter on Aquanimity?

Talk to your charter broker and let them know you want to book the vacation of a lifetime on Aquanimity, but if you are not working with a broker or a travel agent, contact us today.  We are here, happy to help.

What is Aquanimity's cruising area?

We are in the US Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands from November through July. August through October, we are in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Can I charter a repositioning sailing from St. Thomas to Grenadines/Grenada?

Yes!  Charter guests can sail with the crew on a repositioning sailing. Just ask us about us anytime. Repositioning sailings usually are less money and not as catered/glamourous.