Ditch the Bucket List | Live the List

Why should you "ditch the bucket list" and switch to "living the list?" When you're younger, you often use phrases like, "When I'm older, I'll do this," or "I can't wait until..." These statements are like seeds of anticipation, sown in the fertile soil of youth, where dreams and aspirations flourish. They symbolize youth's optimism and eagerness as you look forward to the seemingly boundless future opportunities. These declarations are not just mere words; they are the sparks that ignite the journey of growing up, reminding us that life is a perpetual quest for experiences and achievements, all stemming from the simple yet profound desires we express in our youth.

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Creating a bucket list is a beautiful way to set goals and prioritize experiences you want to have in your lifetime.

"Ditch the Bucket List-Start the Living List!!"

Most of the "Bucket List" items are a list of things that people feel they can't do unless faced with uncertainty or a possible illness that will end their lives sooner than they want. They can range from exploring the far reaches of the world to doing something simple which perhaps you've always wanted to do, like learning a new language or taking up a cooking class.

A bucket list lists things you want to do before you kick the bucket. Everyone’s bucket list will be unique. When deciding what to add to the list, consider your current situation. This means trying to achieve your dreams while also setting realistic goals.

But people shouldn't make a bucket list. A better way to think of this idea is to create your living list of ideas; roughly, it's the same idea with a unique twist. You don't have to be faced with uncertainty to create it!

Your living bucket list can be as unique as you are, reflecting your interests, passions, and desires. My husband's living bucket list was to sail the world with our boys before they grew up, attended college, married with kids, and too much routine got in the way.

It's your dynamic life!

An active life list holds greater significance than a traditional travel bucket list.

Once you've achieved the items on your initial bucket list, you must continue setting new goals. That's a new way or unique twist, rather than the bucket list "wait for attitude." The sense of accomplishment derived from your initial list can serve as a motivating force, propelling you to venture beyond your comfort zone continually.

Sailing the world is a dream that many adventurous souls share. It's a challenging but advantageous way to explore our planet's diverse cultures, landscapes, and oceans.

When creating your living list, if sailing the Caribbean is a part of it, we would love to help you achieve that mark. Either way, remember, that while reaching your destinations, it is essential to remember that the journey is an ever-changing adventure. Savor every moment of your world and live your life experiences. Take a moment now to start your living list. Create your living list, be flexible in it, know that changes will happen, and stay open to new experiences as you embark on your journey.