Meet Your Charter Crew Onboard Aquanimity

private yacht charter in the Virgin Islands crew

Captain Bertie & Chef Theresa Chapman

Meet your charter crew aboard Aquanimity, Bertie, and Theresa Chapman, who genuinely shine among the rest. With warm, genuine smiles and a delightful cocktail, they extend a hearty welcome as you step aboard.

Instantly, you'll feel at ease, ready to embark on an extraordinary adventure guided by an exceptional Captain and Chef. They possess an intimate knowledge of the finest destinations, breathtaking landscapes, and captivating local heritage.

Feel free to inquire and express your desires without hesitation. Their attentiveness ensures swift and gracious responses to any request, whether a custom meal or a specific activity. Even amidst unpredictable weather or unforeseen circumstances, our crew remains flexible and adept at seamlessly adjusting plans, ensuring your experience remains unparalleled.

Bertie and Theresa place paramount importance on your safety. Their proactive approach guarantees a secure voyage, offering you tranquility. Your satisfaction and protection are their utmost concerns, making your sailing experience truly remarkable.